Samsung Galaxy A51 Tested

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And with the smartphone middle range segment more competitive than ever before, I thought now is time to test a smartphone that is selling in big numbers around the world, Samsung's A51. This phone a restrained yet good looking design, the Galaxy A51 comes with quad rear cameras, an amoled screen with a middle set punch-hole selfie cam, and Samsung's glass like plastic back.
Samsung's A51 has been selling in UK since early Feb and the device entered the marketplace in the US in April 2020 and retails at about the £329 price.

Assessing The Galaxy A51's Performance

This Super AMOLED display is great as we would expect from the Galaxy range}, the colours really seem very bright with the phone's viewing angles are quite a pleasure. And there is not much to whinge about and yet some people will find something, apart from the device is a bit dim (but very readable) in direct sunlight and circumstances are not conducive to viewing, even with the brightness at 100%.
This' where testing flagship smartphones such as OPPO’s Find X2 Pro 2020 the OnePlus range can be a hindrance in achieving a balanced view of what a middle range smartphone such as the Galaxy A51.
The 9611 processor is simply not going to compare to the top of the range processor in any way, and going from flagship Exynos 9611 to Snapdragon's 865 chipset becomes a shock to the system until you see that the Galaxy A51 is a middle of the range smartphone and that these circumstances must be allowed for.
No mistaking that, the A51 can be laggy and slow upon occasion however we were uncertain whether the handset if it had sensed the contact or not when trying to start an app or use the device.
Truthfully, it is an amount of hesitation that we thankfully have not seen in quite some time, such as with base model devices that can be purchased for only £139.
As for the device's in-display fingerprint scanner, suffice to say that Samsung should have rather put it in the rear because I only had a success ratio of roughly 50% when trying to unlock the handset then having to end up entering the pin code in.

Design And Styling

Owing to its glass-ticky back panel, the Galaxy A51 doesn't feel or look like it is a mid-range phone, the plastic feels forgiving in the hand because there are no sharp edges like you can sometimes get on devices that are built with rear panels made out of glass.
This subtle design trait on the back panel is good and provides a touch of character to the Galaxy A51. And where sometimes the branding on budget phones has been just a bit over the top at times, Samsung's logo has been discretely used.
You'll see a click here for more front camera setup which, is becomes more noteworthy by what looks like a metallic circle around it that attracts attention.
Serious audio fans will be happy in the fact that there is an sound jack on the lower edge of the device, sitting alongside the USB Type C charging port and a speaker chamber.
On the top of the phone there's a microphone while the right hand edge has the power switch as well as the sound rocker and a SIM tray place on the left side of the handset.
It's neat and classy looking unit that will slip into a normal pocket with no issue.

The Galaxy A51's Battery Life

With a typical daily workload, Samsung's Galaxy A51 manages to tackle this load with about some ten percent more at midnight, however there was a couple instances where the device required a quick charge during evening after heavier usage.
Thankfully its handset's 15W Fast Charging means that this Galaxy to get charged fully over a two hour time frame, and a quick charger will take it up to a third, this is just acceptable but not really ground breaking with the given price point.

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